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Young Adult Therapy

Are you freshmen in college who is having a hard time being away from home? Have you tried the college experience and have not been able to make it work? Do you often doubt yourself and measure your achievements against others your own age?

Being a young adult in your late teens or in your 20s is not easy. This is a time of transitions where you are moving away from childhood and becoming a young person in charge of your own destiny. You might be going to college and be on your own for the first time. You might have tried the college experience and had to return home after one or two semesters. You might be in a new job and are trying to figure out how to get ahead and be successful. Unfortunately, there is not one single road map available that helps you navigate these big steps. Today, there is also an intense focus on success and this puts a tremendous amount of pressure on you. Your easy access to social media can at times shake your self-confidence and make you compare yourself to others. All of this might result in increased feelings of anxiety, depression, or stress.

Therapy Can Help You Succeed

With significant experience working with young adults in therapy, my job is to help you become more sure of yourself and your direction forward. In my therapy sessions, we identify the problems that are having a negative impact as well as your strength profile. Together we set goals and work on strategies to help you move in a positive direction.  I tailor my approach to fit your unique needs using a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Family Systems Therapy, and Mindfulness Techniques. Some problems may indicate a thorough examination of your underlying thoughts and feelings and how they relate to repeated patterns of behavior, while others might suggest a deeper examination of your belief system and how it affects your day-to-day thought process. A clear understanding of your family history and dynamics is also usually helpful. At times, the best method is a combination of different approaches.  Above all, I work to establish a nurturing and therapeutic relationship where you can feel safe. By working together to meet your needs, you will live a more stress free, self-directed, and fulfilling life with a clear direction forward.

Call now and let me help you find the best path forward!