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Treatment of ADD/ADHD

[/ultimate_heading][vc_separator][vc_column_text]What are the treatment recommendations for ADD/ADHD?

Scientific research studies have shown that a combination of medical treatment and other supportive behavioral interactions result in the best outcomes for children with ADD/ADHD.

This multidisciplinary approach can ameliorate the symptoms of ADD/ADHD and can improve your child’s ability to self-regulate, follow rules, and improve relationships with their peers and with you, their parents. I will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan for your child that may include some of the following elements:

  1. Parent and child education about diagnosis and treatment
  2. Behavior management techniques:
    1. Parent support & Parent management training (e.g. PCIT)
    2. Child therapy
    3. Social skills training
  3. School accommodations, programming and support
  4. Executive function coaching
  5. Medication

I offer many of the services listed above and can provide referrals (e.g., psychiatrists for medication management) and coordinate services so that your child receives the best support plan possible.


Contact Dr. Cindy so we can develop a plan to help your child!