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Psychological Testing & Evaluations

Do you suspect your child has learning challenges, attention issues, or emotional issues that impact his/her performance in school or ability to develop strong social relationships? Do you feel frustrated not knowing how to help your child?

Psychological testing and psychoeducational assessments can help to highlight your child’s unique cognitive and achievement profiles, learning style and abilities, attention, executive functioning and memory skills, and social-emotional competence. By gaining a clear grasp of your child’s strengths and struggles, you will become better informed about how to provide the best support possible to help your child succeed.

Testing and Evaluation Services

My practice offers the following testing and evaluation services:

  • IQ/cognitive testing (special education, giftedness, private school applications)
  • Testing for attention (ADD/ADHD), executive functioning skills, and processing speed challenges
  • Academic achievement testing (reading, writing, math)
  • Assessment of learning disabilities
  • Social-emotional testing (self-esteems issues, anxiety or mood concerns)

Testing Process

The evaluation process for psychological testing and psychoeducational assessments is comprised of the following steps:

  • Phone consultation: I will speak with you by phone to help clarify referral questions and determine if it makes sense to move forward and schedule a testing evaluation. I will then send an email with all the paperwork attached to give you time to fill out the forms prior to the first appointment.
  • Testing intake appointment: I will meet with you for 60 minutes to describe the evaluation process, obtain a complete developmental history, and identify a list of questions to help guide the testing and selection of testing protocols.
  • Rating scales: I will then email you rating scales that you, your child, and the teacher can fill out and submit back to me electronically.
  • Interactive testing: Most evaluations typically consist of anywhere between 2 to 8 hours of testing usually spread over two days. The length of the testing varies depending upon the complexity of the referral question(s) and the attention level and processing speed of your child.
  • Collaboration: With your written consent, I communicate via phone with other professionals that are working with your child including therapists, physicians, and teachers. In this way, I develop a more thorough understanding of your child’s functioning in numerous environments.
  • Debriefing appointment: After I have scored and analyzed all the information and data from your child, from you, and from other supportive personnel, I will schedule a 60-minute debriefing appointment. During this appointment, I review the testing results and provide a comprehensive summary, clinical impressions and recommendations. If desired, I also offer a separate debriefing appointment for adolescents. These appointments usually take place 3 to 4 weeks after the last date of testing. (Timing may vary depending upon the requested testing schedule)
  • Detailed written report: A detailed written report is provided along with a PDF version of the report in the feedback appointment. The report will not be shared with any other professional unless written consent is given. As the parent, you can choose to share the report with your child’s school team to help identify appropriate placement, accommodations, and interventions under either a 504 Plan or an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
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