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Child & Adolescent Therapy

Does your child or adolescent have difficulties emotionally, socially or academically? Do you dread the phone calls or emails from your child’s teacher who often reports behavioral issues, attention issues, or social problems? Do you think you are somehow a bad parent because your child is struggling?

When your child is experiencing emotional difficulties, everyday feels such as an uphill climb. However, you should be aware that you are not alone; many parents are going through similar problems with their children. Our children live in fast-paced and demanding world, where they are expected to excel in all areas of their lives including academics, athletics and relationships. However, they may not be developing the life skills they need such as self-control, motivation, focus, and resilience. The tremendous emphasis on success and resulting pressure is very difficult for many children and adolescents to deal with. They can feel easily defeated and begin to develop symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. Sometimes these symptoms translate to negative behaviors including withdrawing from friends or family while others act out and engage in attention seeking or soothing behaviors (e.g, alcohol, drugs, etc.). Just because your child or adolescent is having behavioral, emotional, or academic difficulties does not mean you are a bad parent. Each child is unique and born with different strengths, struggles, temperaments, and personalities.

Therapy Can Help Your Child or Teenager Succeed

With significant experience in child and adolescent therapy, my job is to help your child or teenager become more confident in themselves and learn to overcome their problems. In my therapy sessions, we work together to identify strengths as well as the struggles that are having a negative impact. We then collaboratively set goals and a direction forward.  I tailor my approach to fit your child’s unique needs using a combination of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Family Systems Therapy, Mindfulness Techniques, and Play Therapy. Some problems may indicate an examination of underlying thoughts and feelings and repeated patterns of behavior while others may suggest behavioral or manualized interventions, and still others may indicate play therapy.  At times, the best method is a combination of different approaches.  Above all, I work to establish a positive and nurturing therapeutic relationship and a safe environment. By working together to meet your needs, you and your child will live a more stress free and enjoyable life. I also offer regular sessions for parents of children to provide support and feedback.

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